Imaging and Diagnostic solutions

Unique product line for live cell imaging and early stage disease diagnostics

Niche imaging and diagnostics solutions

We are aiming to become global leaders in red/near infra red fluorescence detection. We offer fluorescence molecule to fill the gaps that have not been addressed so far - DNA, reactive oxygen species, mitochondria detection at high efficiencies. Diagnostic kits and devices which can detect alzheimer's, malaria, kidney failure at an early stage are in development.



Our probes do not damage DNA of users or samples. They are good even with stem cells.

Water soluble

Our fluorescence molecules are water soluble and do not need DMSO.

Green/Red imaging

Our probes absorb in green, and emit in red with >100 nm Stokes shift.

Live cell imaging

No UV excitation, DMSO or cell damage makes them ideal for live cell imaging.

Imaging solutions

Publications using our probes

  • N. Narayanaswamy, et al., Molecular beacon-based DNA switch for reversible pH sensing in vesicles and live cells, Chem. Commun., 52, 8741-4 (2016)
  • T. Mahata, et al., The benzyl moiety in a quinoxaline-based scaffold acts as a DNA intercalation switch, Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 55(27):7733-6 (2016)

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