Excitation Emission

VNIR Gel uses green-excitation and red-emission

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Sensitive detection

VNIR ADs sensitively detects Abeta plaques in histopathology of brain tissues.

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Specific diagnostics

VNIR ADs is very specific to detecting Alzheimer's.

Other small molecules, as shown in overlay are non-specific bind to other neurodegenerative markers, and increase background noise.

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Why ADs?

VNIR ADs is as a small molecule based stain to detect Alzheimer's sensitively and specifically in histopathology. Studies on mice and human brain tissues show extreme sensitivity, comparable to antibody detection

Most commonly used probes for Abeta plaques bind are non-specific, they bind to markers of other neurodegenerative disease as well and generate a large background.

The efficiency of VNIR ADs matches the sensitivity of antibody based detection of Alzheimer's.
VNIR ADs does not false positives because of mixed dementia or Parkinsons or other neurodegenerative diseases.
VNIR ADs crosses blood brain barrier, and can be used for targeted therapies as well.

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Storage and Usage


The product can be used with standard isoamplification devices, by choosing organge channel - 428 nm (Excitation) 640 nm (Emission). Use with 5x dilution.


Store at 4C, avoid direct exposure to light when not required.

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