Specialized near infrared solutions

VNIR offers has a suite of molecular probes for cellular and molecular biology applications. Some of these are below.

VNIR Mito for detection of mitochondria. Red color emission with our photostable probes. Suitable for live cell imaging as well.

VNIR IsoT for isothermal amplification applications. Safe and stable product as an alternative to existing Isothermal probes.

VNIR ROS for detection of reactive oxygen species. Detection is specific and not contaminated by RNS.

VNIR GelStain for gel electrophoresis. Non-mutagenic probes, use with UV or green excitation. Load only in wells, no need for a cast.

VNIR AT.DNA probe for detecting P. falciparum Use fluorescence intensity to detect malaria.

VNIR ADs probe for detecting Alzheimer’s. Small molecule with sensitivity comparable to Antibody

Other fluorescence solutions

Molecular reagents
VNIR 1kb ladders
VNIR 100bp ladders
VNIR PCR2 master mix

Molecular probes
Probes equivalent to
VPI (equivalent to DAPI)
VGreen (equivalent to Sybr green)
VCyanine (equivalents of Cy3, Cy5)
VCyanine-NHS VFluorescein (equivalent of CFDA)

Bioconjugation We further specialize in customized bioconjugates of Cyanine and other dyes, with antibodies and oligos.

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We can customize the bioconjugation to your requirements.
We offer competitive pricing for these standard staining reagents.
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