Excitation Emission

VNIR GelStain uses green-excitation and red-emission

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Visible excitation

Gelstain works with standard UV illuminators. It also works very well with visible light illuminators

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Safer/better Gels

The gels show effectiveness comparable to Ethidium Bromide. Since the probe is in the wells, there is minimal background from the gel cast.

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Why GelStain?

VNIR's proprietary GelStain is as efficient as Ethidium Bromide. One primary advantage is that VNIR GelStain is non-mutagenic. Further, the amount of chemicals used can be significantly reduced, as the stain can be directly loaded in the wells. VNIR GelStain is verstaile enough to be used either the existing UV transilluminators or our custom visible (green light) transilluminators. Damage to samples and humans is reduced by avoiding UV radiation.

When designing VNIR GelStain, safety was our primary concern. VNIR GelStain does not intercalate as EtBr does, and it is non-mutagenic.
VNIR GelStain can be excited with visible (green) excitation. No need for UV transilluminators, although it works effectively even with the transilluminators.
VNIR GelStain is a very effective alternative to EtBr. Since the dye is loaded in the wells, rather than in the cast, excellent results may be obtained without the background from the entire gel.

Product availability

The product is available in stock. Please contact for purchases or for free trial samples.

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Storage and Usage


The product can be directly loaded into the wells. No need to add to the gel cast. Use with 5x dilution.


Store at 4C, avoid direct exposure to light when not required.

Product sizes

The products are available in different packages

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