Excitation Emission

VNIR Gel uses green-excitation and red-emission

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Cleaner Profiles

Isothermal amplification profiles support both real time detection and endpoint detection.

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Better diagnostics

VNIR IsoT can be used with standard isothermal amplifiers.

A very unique advantage of VNIR IsoT is that it remains stable even after freeze-thaw cycling, which is not true of other commercially available dyes. VNIR IsoT offers robustness especially in point-of-care diagnostics.

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Why IsoT?

VNIR's proprietary IsoT is as efficient solution for performing isothermal amplifications at temperatures between 50 - 70 C. VNIR IsoT has a good signal to noise ratio. If the existing Isothermal or PCR devices can be customized to the excitation-emission (530nm-640nm), best results can be obtained. Even otherwise by exploiting the standard channels such as 428 nm (Ex) 641 nm (Em), efficient profiles can be obtained with high signal to noise ratio.

Most commonly used probes for isothermal amplification do not perform after freeze-thaw cycles, and it poses a problem if the probe is meant for diagnostics. VNIR IsoT performs well even after multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

The efficiency of VNIR IsoT matches its commercially available alternatives.
VNIR IsoT is stable and is easy to storage (dark and 4C), and works efficiently even after freeze-thaw cycling of the reagent.
VNIR IsoT is also a safe stain to handle. It is non-mutagenic.

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Storage and Usage


The product can be used with standard isoamplification devices, by choosing organge channel - 428 nm (Excitation) 640 nm (Emission). Use with 5x dilution.


Store at 4C, avoid direct exposure to light when not required.

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