The preliminary designs have begun. Dr. Arvind Rajendran has started to guide the OxyJani team. The first block diagrams were made.
In response to the COVID-19 emergency a team of us from JNCASR decided to develop Oxygen Concentrators. Design: There are several designs of personal-care oxygen concentrators, possibly ideal for home quarantine conditions, that may be easy to build. Concept is simple, no real invention there. It needs silica gel desiccant to soak humidity, molecular sieves...
To celebrate cellular imaging, VNIR organized the “Amazing Imaging Edition 1” competition in 2020. All young PhD students and researchers could participate, with the images captured by them during their research. Several excellent researchers participated with great enthusiasm. We are very happy to recognize the great contributions from some of them (images below). Amazing Imaging...
VNIR Biotechnologies Celebrates imaging and diagnostics based on molecular probes.
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