COVID19 Response
The design was updated to a smaller system with rapidly switching. The design change was made considering the availability of the compressors
We did not want to make the typical mistake of not talking to the customer. We are responding to the requests we see in the media. But unless we collect opinions from the hospitals, we will not know if we are building the right product. We interviewd at least 15 different hospitals of different sizes....
A day before the lockdown began, we were frantically procuring molecular sieves, Oxygen flowmeter. Oxygen flow meter was out of stock everywhere, the simple reason is it has the word oxygen in it. We found one source, and only after coming back to the lab we realized that it is a nitrogen flow meter. We...
Without realizing, the focus of the day became a prep for validation. We obtained the 13X Molecular Sieve. How do we know it is what they claim it is? And when we make oxygen, how do we know it is oxygen? We found oxygen sensors with the help of Shailesh and team.
The first bill of materials with the approximate number pieces of different components was listed. The compressor looked simple, but then we realized during the discussions that we need an oil free compressor. Found a source of Oxygen measurement
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