VNIR offers solutions for imaging various organelles in the cells

  • Mitochondrial membranes
  • Mitochondrial DNA
  • Nucleus
  • Lysozomes


  • Hoechst series - VNIR 210, VNIR 211, VNIR 212
  • VNIR 213 - VNIR Mito
  • VNIR 201 - VNIR DAPI
  • VNIR 214 - VNIR ROS

Cell imaging

The structural and functional unit of an organism is the cell. Cell imaging plays vital role various research and diagnostic applications. Understanding the minute details of the cellular organells is possible by utilizing cell permeable, non-toxic and sensitive fluorescent probes. VNIRTM Biotechnologies offer unique advantages with patented, polar, non-toxic yet sensitive fluorescent probes to researchers in visualizing the different organells of the cell. Our cell imaging solutions are compatible with all the existing platforms and we are making an effort to address unmet needs in the diagnostic imaging arena.