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A wide range of products based on molecular probes and tools to improve productivity in research and diagnostics.

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Gel Electrophoresis

Gel electrophoresis is a commonly used method for DNA, RNA and protein analysis. We provide safe alternatives which are EtBr free, and work with UV/visible light.

PCR application

In-vitro amplification of nucleic acids is a very popular and versatile technique in detecting very small quantities of DNA or RNA in research and diagnostic laboratories.

Organelle detection

Recognizing cellular components is a very important aspect of cellular imaging. This includes the nucleus, lysozyme, mitochondria, etc. VNIR offers solutions for all these application

Live cell imaging

A very specialized need for time-lapsed imaging of cells is that the molecular probes are not toxic to the cells. VNIR offers a wide range of products, which are safe even to primary cells.

Diagnostic support

Developing diagnostic kits is challenging, and VNIR is happy to lend its experience to develop diagnostic kits as a CRO. Our experience includes developing kits for diagnosing COVID-19, food pathogens