In Vitro Diagnostic Kits

Leveraging its core strengths in fluorescence molecular probes, VNIR has developed several solutions for in vitro diagnostics as a Contract Research Organization. The solutions include diagnostic kits for COVID-19, food-pathogen detection. Further, assays can be developed for specific molecular diagnostics of diseases like Malaria, bringing a paradigm shift from time consuming microscopy to fluorescence intensity based diagnosis.

Solutions development capabilities

  • COVID-19 test kit
  • Salmonella detection kit
  • Rapid hybrid-seeds detection kit
  • Prognostic kits for diabetic nephropathy
  • Diagnostic support for early stage cancer detection
  • New paradigms for malaria diagnosis using fluorescence intensity


VNIR’s diagnostic kits will rely on the following features
  • Specific target binding where applicable
  • Sensitive tools for molecular detection through LAMP, and RT-PCR
  • Suitable for cellular imaging or fluorescence based solutions