PCR applications


VNIR’s products for PCR applications come with several advantages – 

  • Sensitive detection
  • Regular and hotstart options
  • Easy to store and handle

VNIR products

  • VNIR101 - VNIR Green 2x mastermix for RT PCR
  • VNIR 102 - VNIR Hotstart 2X mastermix for PCR
  • VNIR103 - VNIR 2x mastermix for PCR
  • VNIR104 - VNIR 2x probe mastermix
  • VNIR107 - cDNA synthesis kit

These products are equivalents of SYBR® green mastermix of Thermofisher


In-vitro amplification of nucleic acids is a very popular and versatile technique in detecting very small quantity of DNA or RNA in the laboratory. PCR commonly employs DNA polymerase, dNTPs and synthetic oligonucleiotides to exponentially amplify few copies to millions of copies in short time.  VNIRTM Biotechnologies supports researchers with customized PCR Master Mixes with Dye binding and TaqMan probe chemistry based solutions which are compatible for all instruments.