Product Customization

One of the unique advantages of working with VNIR Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd is the world-class expertise it can bring to develop custom solutions for the highly specialized needs of the clients. 

The team has rich experience in innovating molecules and in developing kits to suit specific applications. Even as a small company, VNIR draws its expertise from a team of researchers who bring novel solutions to organic chemistry, fluorescence imaging, drug discovery, and diagnostic kits, for applications in Basic R&D, Pharma, Biopharma, and Molecular Diagnostic industries.

In fact, some of our clients from the Pharma & Biopharma industries are choosing to work with us for the customized solutions we provide.

Solutions with expertise in Organic Chemistry 


  • brings decades of expertise in advanced organic chemistry synthesis and the development of molecular probes to solve specialized problems
  • specializes in customizing fluorescence probes for efficient conjugation and labeling of different targets
  • offers bespoke design of fluorophore products covering a large detection range from blue to infrared

Solutions with expertise in Biotechnology


  • develops customized kits for in vitro diagnostic applications
  • develops solutions for high-throughput quality control in biopharma, and food industries using fluorescence technologies

With these different expertises, VNIR commits to

  • a careful understanding of the specific needs of clients
  • a timely delivery and regular association with clients
  • a high synthetic quality and purity 
  • the development of processes or syntheses to cut down the overall cost of the QC, compounds/dyes

VNIR forward to hearing about your specialized needs in Bio-Tech