VNIR111- VNIR Safe Green Gel Stain

VNIRTM SafeGreen is a green light-emitting fluorescent stain for DNA detection in agarose and polyacrylamide gels. The probe formulation is a one-stop solution, a safer and better alternative to ethidium bromide. VNIR Biotechnologies has developed and manufactured ready-to-use solutions for pre and post-electrophoresis gel staining. The stained gel can be visualized in any standard UV transilluminators/Gel documentation system. It can also be excited with Blue light.

Cat. No. VNIR 111
Appearance Orange Solutions
Concentration 10000X in DMSO
Spectral property Visualize in UV or Bluelight (sybr green and sybr safe filter)
Usage Use 10µl of dye concentrate for every 50mL of agarose gel after melting, mix by swirling and caste the gel. Load the samples mixed with sample buffer, resolve at 100-150 volts and observe under UV-transilluminator/Sybr green/safe channel in gel documentation system.
Storage conditions -20°C (protect from light)
References Please let us know if you publish your research using VNIRTM Safe Green. We can cite your reference here.