VNIRTM 2X One-step RT-qPCR Probe Master Mix (no ROX)

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VNIRTM 2X One-step RT-qPCR probe Master Mix (no ROX) is based on quantitative reverse transcription PCR (RT-qPCR) that uses RNA as the starting material. It offers a convenient master mix to convert RNA to DNA and quantify in a one-step reaction. The single-tube 2X formulation contains MMLV reverse transcriptase, dNTPs, Taq DNA polymerase, reaction buffer, MgCl2, KCl, and PCR enhancer/stabilizer facilitating easy reaction set up. The user needs only to add template, primer set, probe and water to the master mix to set up the RT-PCR reaction. This master mix is useful for efficient amplification of GC rich, low copy number genes from various template types and can be used up to 50 cycles. This master mix contains 2.5mM MgCl2 (1X final concentration).
Cat. No.: VNIR118