VNIRTM 2X Probe Master Mix (no ROX) for qPCR

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VNIRTM qPCR probe Mix is an optimized ready-to-use 2X master mix for quantitative realtime PCR assays. This master mix is useful for efficient amplification of GC rich, low copy number genes from various template types and can be used up to 60 cycles. This master mix contains 2.5mMMgCl2 (in 1X final concentration).

Cat. No.: VNIR106


  • Low non-specific and background fluorescence.
  • GC rich and low copy number genes quantification.
Storage conditions
-20°C (protect from light)
Please let us know if you publish your research using VNIRTM 2X Probe Master Mix. We can cite your reference here.
This formulation doesn’t contain ROX.