VNIRTM Pro-Gel Stain-5000X

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VNIRTM Pro-Gel Stain is a protein selective, orange emitting, ready-to-use fluorescent stain. The dye is tolerant to SDS and can be used in SDS-PAGE staining. The Stain is highly sensitive, detecting protein bands upto 2ng and exhibits low protein to protein variablity compared to other stains such as Coomassie ® brilliant blue (CBB) and silver staining techniques. The protein bands after staining can be visualized with a standard UV transilluminator or Blue light.

Cat. No.: VNIR114

5000X in DMSO.
Reddish to Orange solution.
Spectral Property
Excitation: 300, 470nm
Emission: 570nm
Storage conditions
-20°C (desiccate and protect from light)
12 months upon receiving
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