VNIRTM Protein Quantification Kit (fluorescence)

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VNIRTM Protein Quantification Kit (fluorescence) is designed for specific quantification of protein using a plate reader. VNIRTM Protein Quant. dye is highly specific to hydrophobic regions of the protein. The unique chemistry of the protein quantification reagent allows for the accurate detection of proteins in solution at concentrations between 50ng/mL and 10µg/mL. This assay kit shows less protein-to-protein variability than the Bradford assay.

Cat. No.: VNIR307

Components & Storage

Product Amount Concentration Storage
VNIRTM Protein Quant. Dye – 50 assays 10µL 500X DMSO stock -20°C, in dark
VNIRTM Protein Quant. Buffer 1mL 10X
VNIRTM Protein Std. (BSA) 30µL 2mg/mL


  1. Prepare the 1X Protein Quant Buffer from 10X Protein Quant Buffer using distilled water.
  2. Prepare the 2X working solution by diluting the Protein Quant dye in Protein Quant Buffer, 1X.
  3. Prepare Protein standard in Protein Quant Buffer.
  4. Add 25µL of Protein Quant dye working solution and add 25µL protein standards or unknown samples.
  5. Allow plate to incubate at 90°C for 10 minutes in the dark.
  6. Add protein dye mixture to 96 well black plate along with blank (1X Protein Quant Buffer as blank).
  7. Read the plate at 474nm/580nm and analyse the data by linear regression fit.
Spectral Property
Excitation: 474nm; Emission: 580nm
Storage conditions
Store at -20°C (protect from light)

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