VNIRTM Protein Thermal Shift Assay Kit

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VNIRTM Thermal Shift Assay kit contains Thermal shift and buffer. The dye is a synthetic fluorescent probe with very high specificity to hydrophobic regions of protein. The probe formulation is developed to monitor the thermal profile of proteins and find the optimal parameters favouring the most stable conformations and also to study protein-ligand interactions by fluorescence intensity measurement using Real Time PCR systems in research and academic laboratories. VNIRTM Biotechnologies offers quick, easy, high throughput and cost efficient advantage to monitor the thermal profile of proteins in any finished product.

Cat. No.: VNIR306

Components & Storage

VNIR™ Thermal Shift Dye – 50 assays10µL200X DMSO stock-20℃, in dark
VNIR™ Thermal Shift Buffer1mL10X4-8℃


    1. Thaw the buffer, Control protein and VNIR™ Thermal Shift Dye reagent on ice.
    2. Prepare about 1X Diluent Buffer by diluting in NFW.
    3. Prepare about 10X VNIR™ Thermal Shift Dye from 200X by diluting in 1X VNIR™ Thermal Shift buffer.
    4. Set up VNIRTM Thermal shift assay mix for 20µL per reaction:
ComponentVolume per Reaction
10X VNIR™ Thermal Shift Dye2 µL
1X VNIR™ Thermal Shift Buffer5 µL
Water + protein + buffer and/or buffer components13 µL
TotalUp to 20 µL
  1. Pipette each reaction up and down 10 times to mix well.
  2. Seal the plate with transparent adhesive film, spin it at 4000rpm for 3-5 minutes, and then place it on ice.
  3. Set the qPCR reaction with below mentioned conditions in the real time PCR instrument.
  4. With inserting melt curve only, change the starting temperature to 20°C to 99°C in increments of 0.5°C for 5 seconds and select plate read. Select ROX channel as scan mode option, start the reaction.
  5. Load the plate, and then start the instrument run.


Cat.No.Pack size Quantity
VNIR305.050 50 reactions
VNIR305.100 100 reactions
VNIR305.500 500 reactions

References: Please let us know if you publish your research using VNIRTM Protein Thermal Shift Assay Kit. We can cite your reference here.