VNIR Green 2x MasterMix

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VNIR picoDNA is a synthetic fluorescent probe with very high specificity to dsDNA. The probe formulation is developed to quantitate any dsDNA by fluorescence intensity measurement using plate readers in research and academic laboratories. Host cell DNA or residual DNA is major concern in products derived by recombinant DNA technology. VNIRTM Biotechnologies offers quick, easy, high throughput and cost efficient advantage to quantify the residual DNA in any biologics/vaccines process development as well as in the finished product.

Spectral property

VNIR picoDNA reagent bound to dsDNA has excitation maxima at 500 nm and emission maxima at 530 nm. Protocol:

  • Thaw the buffer, DNA standard and VNIRTM picoDNA reagent on ice
  • Prepare about 100μl of DNA standard of 2 ng/μl by diluting in diluent buffer
  • Prepare the DNA standards sufficient for duplicate/triplicate wells - 25μl/well (..more)


Catalog No. Description No. of reactions
VNIR602.100 dsDNA quantification 100
VNIR602.500 dsDNA quantification 500
VNIR602.1000 dsDNA quantification 1000
VNIR602.5000 dsDNA quantification 5000

Components (100 assays)

VNIR picoDNA reagent –  25 μl,  200X DMSO stock

Diluent buffer – 10 ml 1X

DNA standard – 20 μl,  100 ng/μl

Stability Storage

12 months upon receiving