Live cell imaging

Live cell imaging is an important and emerging area. To perform time lapse microscopy, the probes need to be non-toxic. VNIR offers a wide range of molecular probes which are suited for live cell imaging because they absorb visible light, are non-toxic to cells, and emit red-fluorescence which is beyond the cellular background. In fact, VNIR probes can be used to study delicate systems like the primary cells and stem cells.


  • VNIR214- VNIRTM Mito Red (membrane potential dependent)
  • VNIR215- VNIRTM Mito DNA (membrane potential independent)
  • VNIR510- VNIRTM DNA 610
  • VNIR511- VNIRTM DNA Minor 650


VNIR offers solutions for live cell imaging using probes
  • Red or NIR fluorescent
  • Water soluble
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-mutagenic